Types of Scissor Lifts

Mechanical lifts, Pneumatic lifts and Hydraulic lift


When you hear the word lift, you know that it could mean a variety of different things. In terms of mechanical equipment, lifts are used in order to raise people or objects to a level higher than they already are at. Many machines have been developed for this very purpose, and Scissor Lifts are just one type of machine that are being used for this today. All lifts however are not created equal. Whereas an aerial lifting device is often used, a scissor lift varies in that it can only move up and down in a vertical fashion. Here we will talk about the three different kinds of scissor lifts you might consider purchasing for your business, factory, warehouse, port, yard, or construction site.

Scissor lifts are given names according to the technology that is used to enact the upward mobility. Thus, scissor lifts are known as mechanical lifts, pneumatic lifts, and hydraulic lifts.

The hydraulic lift a type of scissor lifts is the most common type found. This is mainly due to the fact that this kind of life is the easiest to use and requires the least amount of training making it very affordable kind of lift. In most cases a hydraulic lift table will be used with some cylinders that are also hydraulic in order to create the motion of the lift that goes up and down. This kind of lift will require minimum effort from humans to manipulate the lift, but is very useful as it can withstand a great amount of weight.

Mechanical lifts are used for smaller objects or people and can withstand less weight. In this case, screws and pinions will be used to create the up and down motion. It is important to note that these lifts are limited in terms of their use.
Pneumatic lifts are more expensive but require the least amount of effort for use. These scissor lifts have the advantage of air pressure being mechanically pumped into the lifts in order to lift the objects needed.

No matter what kind of scissor lift you want to use, you need to remember that most scissor lifts are weight sensitive. You can use more weight on the hydraulic lift and pneumatic lifts than you can with the mechanical lifts. You need to know how much weight your lift can withstand before you use it, otherwise you run the risk of a workplace accident or injury that can cost you a fortune. If you need more weight, you may want to get a double or triple lift. As their name implies, a double lift will have two pairs of “scissor” legs and can go twice as high, and with a triple lift you are working with three sets of legs going three times as high and bearing three times as much weight.

If you work in the field of construction, manufacturing, or in a factory, you will always have use for scissor lifts. Before you purchase the one that you need, be sure you know exactly what scissor lifts will be used to lift, and how much weight you will need to sustain.

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